Gutter Seal & Flex Seal OSI-FX

Brand: Spectra MetalsSpectra Metals


A long lasting primerless, paintable, Kraton G® block copolymer based, elastomeric sealant. When used as directed, the material will seal joints or cracks to resist the passage of light, heat, cold, air, snow, wind, odor, dust and chemical contaminants. Material has a 30 year life expectancy.

Highly recommended for commercial or residential buildings and their roofs, walls, and window openings. The product adheres to brick, glass, wood, copper, concrete, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and most plastics, in wet or dry conditions.

The elastomeric characteristic allows the sealant to expand and contract in the heat of day to the coolness of night, where temperatures may vary 70oF in a matter of hours. More information.


A single component, high performance, gungrade, acrylic urethane elastomeric sealant. Formulated with premium technology, it reduces dirt pickup, eliminates yellowing and “shiners.” It requires no priming to bond to most materials, including concrete, wood and masonry. It has superior adhesion and durability, 50% total joint movement and 800% elongation. Mighty Seal™ forms an airtight, water resistant seal, and once cured, the bead is mildew resistant. Mighty Seal™ has excellent UV resistance and will not discolor.

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